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About Us

KidzTrends is part of the Trends group of companies falling under RoofTrends. As a group we supply services including landscaping, corporate roofscapes – transforming unused areas into appealing and functional spaces like corporate gyms, daycare centres and social areas – and industrial rubber flooring and artificial grass solutions.


The Trends group have been leaders in the industry for nearly 30 years, building our reputation for quality products and service excellence.  Each project is unique, but what doesn’t change is our commitment to our clients - this is how we’ve grown into South Africa’s number 1 recycled rubber flooring and artificial grass experts. It’s important to us that all our installations are kind to people and the environment which is why we opt for more eco-friendly recycled rubber flooring.


Our children are the most precious resource of all and that’s why we expanded children’s play areas into the separate business unit of Kidz Trends.  Encouraging physical play is great for children’s health and development while the materials we use make for a safer play environment.  It is particularly important in public play areas that recycled rubber flooring is easier to sanitise and keep clean to limit the transmission of harmful bacteria and pathogens. 


The added advantage of course is that both artificial grass and poured rubber surfaces make for cleaner kids and clothing at the end of a busy play day!