Playground Design

We design and build amazing children's playgrounds for indoors and outdoors.  Whether you're looking for a magical fantastical fantasy play world or something simpler, perhaps smaller and more practical, our mission is to supply what you need, cost efficiently, safely and beautifully.

Our playground designs include playground equipment and our durable state-of-the-art safety recycled rubber flooring and artificial grass surfaces.

We're passionate about healthy child development through play and believe that's best achieved in a safe play environment that minimises the risk of getting hurt while stimulating the imagination and promoting movement and physical activity.

In an age where so many children seem to be growing up glued to a computer or television screen, we aim to get kids out on the playground again and make it fun.

Indoor Kids' Playground
Outdoor Playground Design

Artificial grass


Finding the perfect artificial grass for your needs is very important, but it is as equally important to ensure you have your new lawn fitted by a high-quality installation service.


Our experts will  measure, design and install your artificial lawn.


We do a free evaluation, and give you 3D concept design prior to making any commitment


Our  team of experienced installers pride themselves on efficient, high quality installations, we are here to provide you with all the information you need.

Artificial Grass Installer

Rubber safety flooring


Rubber flooring is an excellent surfacing option for commercial and residential playground areas. It becomes an important aspect of children’s safety on the playground because rubber is shock absorbent, reduces impact on the child's joints and feels comfortable. Play area flooring is made from eco-friendly and recycled materials.  These surfaces are durable and weather resistant outdoors. 


There are several reasons why they are so important for a child’s safety and comfort.

  • Rubber flooring for playgrounds is perfect for helping to protect children from injuries because it is shock-absorbent.

  • Rubber is far superior to concrete or asphalt, has better shock-absorbency than grass or turf and is easier to keep clean and sanitary

  • Recycled rubber playground flooring can help reduce the severity of a child’s injuries. Children can fall when they are not paying attention or when their activities get too rough.

  • Play area flooring is very comfortable to walk and play on. It has anti-fatigue properties so that it can relieve tension in the joints and muscles of anyone stepping on it.

  • This is the reason that we use this product for building running tracks for our corporate clients .

Whatever the cause of injury could be, rubber flooring for playgrounds can help children stay safe.

In addition to being comfortable and safe, rubber flooring for playgrounds is eco-friendly.

recycled rubber flooring
Kidztrends Playground.jpg

Rubber bike track


Our bike tracks are a favorite option with playschool, creches, nursery school clients and private home  clients . 

Made out of recycled rubber , they are safer, faster, fun and educational

We design shapes that conform to the landscape of the area and can introduce a wide variety of colour options . 

rubberised bike track